Thursday, November 15, 2007

sexiest man alive

saw this about Jimmy Kimmel on comedy central and it totally cracked me up:

On what he'd do as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive:
"I would call Brad Pitt just to laugh at him, hang up and continue laughing like a maniac.
"I'd never wear a shirt. Not to the bank. Not to the mailbox.
"I'd make back hair the new fashion 'do.'
"I would decoupage the walls of my house with thousands of my 'Sexiest' magazine covers.
"I'd charge people $4 to look at my face, $2 for seniors.
"I would call George Clooney every day and ask, 'Hey George, I forgot, who is the Sexiest Man Alive again? Oh that's right, it's me.' "

plus today i listened to the fresh air interview of his girlfriend, sarah silverman, and THAT totally cracked me up too.

in other news, most of my snot has departed my head-hooray!



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