Saturday, November 11, 2006

yikes ! post or perish

if i don't put something here now, i may not get a chance!

misc stuff...

i've resumed running after a short hiatus. so far, doing better than i thought i might. hoping to lose 10 pounds by new years by downsizing my portions and upping my exercise. wish me luck.

i'm now focused on purchasing a subaru forester to replace the outback. all the research i've done says it's safer AND more reliable than the outback or a few of the other cars brian has suggested. cross your fingers that we will be able to find one that is a few years old with low mileage at a good price.

we had a neighborhood gathering at our house last night-potluck and bofire. we have so much dessert at our house now that the losing 10 pounds by new years may prove difficult, even with portion control. whatever is left by monday is going to work with me.

now it's off to a 4 yerar old's birthday party...


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