Monday, November 06, 2006


yesterday i was a tad cranky. i was definitely suffering from i-don't-ever-get-to-spend-time-in-the-house-by-myself syndrome. thankfully, brian took the kids out for a couple of hours and i got a long walk in and some cleaning.

i'm playing catch up today with laundry, folding and putting away clean clothes and once again, trying to arrange for travel to kosovo for work (not for me-for a few other folks).

i really don't want to work on my mondays at home, but it makes my week go easier at work if i try to get a little stuff done when i can, even when i'm not at work. and with this job, i have work that i can actually do at home, so i don't feel bad if i leave an hour early. i usually make it up (and then some) at home over the weekend or in the evenings.

as soon as i can, i'll try to post some halloween pics.


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