Tuesday, November 21, 2006

oops i did it again

forgot to post yesterday. mondays used to be a day for catch up and now they are a day for chaos. i have to say, i've been doing much better with the posting every day than i thought i would!

we drank the kool-aid and bought a minivan yesterday. we are now the proud owners of a dark grey green 2003 honda odyssey. the kids are BESIDE themselves. pictures to come

on top of that, i was trying to organize the thanksgiving dinner thing a bit. figure out who's bringing what and what i need to buy at the store today so i don't have to go back tomorrow ro make an emergency run to dan and whit's on thursday morning. and make a schedule of cooking and baking so i can get everything done on time and on the table while it's still warm. i can tell you i will be sending brian to paly hockey that day because otherwise he will probably drive me nuts.


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