Tuesday, November 28, 2006

geeking out on knitting talk

i am dangerously close to ordering some yarn from this cool new yarn site, one planet yarn and fiber. they've got some great stuff and reasonable prices PLUS they just sent me a discount code. DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON! i'm supposed to be working from my stash at the moment, but i ask you, how can i pass up 900 yards of lace weight merino for only $16?

in other knitting news, i'm at the heel of rory's second sock. those kid socks certainly go quickly. i've been bringing them to dartmouth hockey games as something to work on. alix's pair will be even faster since her feet are smaller. then i hope to try and finish a pair of socks for me, currently languishing at the toe decreases of the first sock. problem is, these socks will be hand wash only, and i'm jonesing to make myself another pair that i can throw in the washer.


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