Tuesday, December 07, 2004

fun in the white house press pool

Twas the Slow News Month Before Christmas

Three weeks before Christmas
At the White House
Your pool was all gathered
Down in lower press

We boarded the vans
Out on the South Lawn
Where even ol' Barney
Was suppressing a yawn

To reach the Ellipse
It would be easier to walk
But the security precautions
Would make the agents balk

So the motorcade departed
The motorcade arrived
And all of this happened
At four minutes of five

Potus and Flotus took seats
Behind ballistic glass walls
The Marine Band played
And in came Santa Claus

St. Nick was fat and jolly
And in costume looked hot
I knew in an instant
It must be Willard Scott

Scott took the stage
And played a little trick
He plugged his employer
General Electric:

“Ho ho ho
He he he
All those lights
Are from G.E.”

The singers sang blues, rock
And songs about Jesus
Your poolers wondered if the
Temperature would freeze us

Potus gave his speech
Then lit up the tree
Transcripts will follow
The return was event-free

from wonkette


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