Tuesday, August 17, 2004

yarn geek

i have re-learned how to knit in the past couple of years (basically since moving to vermont-winters with no cable hook up are l--o--n--g). i made scarves for almost all the females in our immediate familes for christmas last year, and a few things for various babies as well as for myself.

we have a couple of great knitting stores in the area, but one is owned and run by a rather cantakerous lady, and the other is about 20-30 minute drive away (tough to do an outing like that with a toddler and infant in tow). so the other day i googled 'yarn' and found quite a few good e-tailers for yarn and knitting supplies. i'm here to tell you that i could drop a lot of dollhairs at purl. they have lots of my favorite yarns in lots more colors than i can find at either store around here. and the prices seem reasonable...hmmmmmmmmm


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