Friday, April 23, 2004

2004 resolution report, week 16

strawberries still being on sale, and dessert my assignment for easter dinner, i decided to try my hand at strawberry shortcake from scratch.

pretty easy, as shortcakes are basically bisuits with a little more sugar and cream instead of milk. so i got off easy that week.

god, i love strawberry shortcake. it's one of my favorite desserts, in case you're wondering.

2004 resolution report, week 15

chicken pot pie. one of the classics that i've been wanting to try for sometime, but i've been hesitant because of the cream. not for me, but for brian. so our friend's cookbook has a recipe that only calls for milk, which means i can use lactaid milk so brian doesn't have to supplement his dinner with lactase.

and this recipe is so frickin easy i loved it. and every one liked it as a meal. this may become one of my classics now. plus the crust was sooooo yummy with a little parmesan in it. mmmmmm...maybe i'll make another this weekend...

2004 resolution report, week 14

decide to do something kinda fancy because, for once, i have the energy and the time. also, i need to cook something for our neighbor's birthday dinner. so i make julia child's stack o' crepes with spinach and mushrooms. lots of cream in this baby, believe me.

i manage to do this somewhat complicated recipe in three stages. FIRST STAGE: the night before, i make the crepes ( a new experience in itself) which is fun, but L-O-N-G. the crepes are kinda funny shaped, but i don't really care because they are all going to be stacked and in a souffle dishe when i'm done. SECOND STAGE: the morning of, i cook the veggies, make the bechamel sauce (cream, butter and cheese, if memory serves) and assemble the gateau (stack). it goes like this: crepe, spinach stuff, crepe, mushroom/onion/sauce stuff, crepe, spinach, etc etc. you're supposed to do something like 25 crepes, but i think i stopped early because the stack was starting to be higher than the edges of the souffle dish. after you're done doing all the stacking, you pour the last of the bechamel sauce all over it. THIRD STAGE: bake it for about 30 minutes. (done at our neighbor's house)

sooooo yummy. very rich tasting, but light in texture somehow. and rory liked it because of all the butter and cream, so it works if i want to get her to eat spinach.

we've got a shitload of crepes left over, too, so they are in the freezer awaiting something else. i gotta figure out what to do with them.

2004 resolution report, week 13

made 'new england spider cake' from the NYTimes sunday magazine food section. kinda like a sweet cornbread, but right before you bake it, you pour a whole cup of cream (or milk, according to fannie farmer), which makes it kinda puding-y when it's baked.

everybody loved it, we had it plain and with strawberries on it. i think brian even tried maple syrup as weel-i swear, he will try maple syrup on just about any breakfast related item.


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