Tuesday, April 13, 2004

quick hits

there's a really really excellent article in the sunday NYT magazine about the log cabin republicans and how they feel about bush pretty much dropping them like a hot potato when the same sex marriage issue came up. read it this week before you have to pay for it!

did you know that the department of homeland security was actually suggested by DEMOCRATS before clinton left office? (i think i'm getting my facts straight...i was reading al franken's book last night and i'm fairly certain that's what he said but don't have it here to refer to. will post correction tomorrow if necessary. CORRECTION-it was suggested by democrats in february 2001, shortly after bush took office. you can read more about hart-rudman (the guys who wrote the report) here). it's amazing what additional stuff we're learning from the media about this highly secretive current presidential administration these days.

post-easter egg salad sammies rock. even if the egg salad is a wee bit blue/red/green/whatever.

and finally i post this link every year around easter (sorry it's late, i had a sick toddler to deal with the last few days), but it is soooo totally worth your time. plus check out the other food-related experiments-esp. my personal favorite, the pop tart research.


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