Friday, March 19, 2004

is it wrong to love a sock?

let me tell you about smartwool socks. i had bought a few pair for running a couple of years ago and thought they were fine, a little pricey, but fine. then, when my sisters came for christmas last year, i was giving val a hard time because every pair of socks she brought were smartwool. she said there were the only ones that kept her feet warm and didn't make them sweat. and coincidentally, i have that problem too (go figure-we're related). so i started buying a couple of pairs of their other socks. like these for sport and these for other.

let me tell you, i love them with a passion that is wrong, very wrong. they are the best socks in the world and i can honestly say that when they are in the wash, i'm truly disappointed that i cannot wear them.

so i'll just go on buying one or two pair every 3 or 4 weeks until i have a large enough sample that i can wear a pair every day of the week if i like.

and by the way, their website is pretty darn cool. they did a great job with it.


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