Sunday, March 14, 2004

2004 resolution report, week 11, v2.0

i snuck in buttermilk pancakes on saturday morning.

i made some yummy leek, artichoke and potato soup on saturday too. not from any recipe, but just kinda threw the stuff together and crossed my fingers. had some with yummy organic rosemary sourdough for dinner saturday night and it turned out pretty good!

am contemplating abadoning irish stew (lamb, potatos and onion over boiled carrots) on st patty's day and just doing bangers and mash. i know it's not really irish, but it will be a work day and stew takes way too long-it needs to be a weekend project.

too bad i didn't leave a rule about banking extra recipes-i might need it in june when i've got a brand new infant in tow.


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