Thursday, February 05, 2004

not a good start

this morning i've already had to deal with:

-runny scrambled eggs, lovingly made by my husband to help me out but he forgets that runny scrambled eggs tend to make me a little nauseous, ESPECIALLY when i'm pregnant.

-the garage door breaking as i open it up and almost getting brained by a 2 foot long heavy spring as it swung down after coming loose of its moorings in the garage.

-being locked out of my office because i can't find my key right now and, amazingly, at 8:00 AM, i was the first person here.

-deciding to make my decaf coffee (the second floor, while empty of worker bees, was inexplicably unlocked) early, so when i did get into my office (on the first floor) i could just grab my cup and go get my decaf.

-going upstairs to get my decaf and discovering that someone had thrown out the decaf thinking it was yesterday's coffee, so i have to make more.

-having to deal with a pretty much non-stop hammering noise because, apparently, the offices below us got flooded last week and they are now having to do major work on them to restore the ceiling and remove all the asbestos (which we knew nothing about thank you very much dartmouth safety office).

thank god it's the end of my work week. too bad i'm out of black licorice jelly beans in the snack drawer in my desk at the moment and that the chocolate covered raisins are just not cutting it in the sweets department for comfort.


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