Monday, April 28, 2003

i think i'm getting to the point where i can be myself again

okay, so the last week or two were, in a word, shitty.


i did not go in and do extra work last friday. i did not go to the mom's group friday morning. we had some beautiful weather, with the exception of a rainy saturday. our daffodils are starting to bloom and the tulips have bulbs. we tried to spend money somewhat frivolously at farmway, but were unsuccessful, so we'll try to do it elsewhere this week. we did some REAL housecleaning. i went on a long run. we drank red wine, had crackers, cheese and tapenade, and read the sunday ny times on the deck on sunday evening. all in all, it was pretty mood restoring three days for me.

things are getting back to normal, with the exception of wrapping my brain around the strange concept that i don't have grandparents anymore.


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