Tuesday, February 25, 2003

i rule the winter sale racks

so yesterday, i had to wander around hanover for a bit so gnomon had time to finish some training manuals that they were printing up for us. i did the few errands that i needed to get done in downtown hanover, and then had to kill about another half hour. so i did some browsing of stores (and there's not much of that in a 3-block downtown). i decided to go into talbots-a place that i rarely shop in unless i'm desperate for some floral garden-party type of dress. their merchandise is WAY more preppy that i am, and i seldom see or find anything there that i don't think is a little frumpy. little did i know... after making a circuit of the store, i made my way to the sale rack and happened to find velveteen jeans marked down from $70 to $19, as well as lined velvet palazzo-y type pants marked down from $108 to $34. the kicker? they were both petite sizes, so no hemming is necessary.

now most of you guys out there, like my husband, may not understand what a coup this was. brian thought i was completely nuts last night because i could not stop talking about my shopping triumph, or thinking about which pair of pants i was going to wear to work today. most of my girlfriends, i'm sure, will understand the little rush of adrenaline i got when i saw $19 written on that price tag as well as the glee i felt about the entire purchase.

it has to be said that i am really not that much of a 'shopper'. but a good sale find-it's really something, ain't it?


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