Monday, February 24, 2003

i could never be a vegetarian

note: if you are a vegetarian, this post will be of absolutely no interest to you

having a bigger kitchen has made me eager to try new recipes. i'm totally getting into cooking because i actually have enough counter space to be able to spread out. so last night, i tried beouf bourguignon (or however you spell it-this isn't the exact recipe i used, but you get the picture), and it was a rousing success. seriously, how can you go wrong with chunks of beef cooked in a pot with a whole bottle of wine (among other things) in a slow oven for 2-3 hours. serve with a little frecnh bread, glass of red wine and a green salad and voila! the beef was super tender and yummy yummy yummy.

i don't think i could ever give up meat. when my body craves protein, it is usually in the form of meat, and i enjoy it way too much.


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