Tuesday, January 11, 2005

cars that go boom

i don't get to crank the tunes much in my car anymore because i'm barely in it with out one child or another or both.

however, the other day i got in ALONE for the short (1, maybe 2 minutes) drive to dan and whits to get the sunday NYT (yeah, i could have walked, but i had just finished a run, was sweaty and didn't want to get chilled. yeah, i know. shut up). so i of course cranked the volume on the 2004 new years eve dance mix and when i got to d&ws, happened to step out of the car before the music got turned off (not really sure how that happened-maybe i just opened the door before i turned off the engine?). damn, our car stereo is loud and obnoxius. even more so because of the big bass beat of the particular song to which i was listening. the guy we bought it from got the deluxe stereo with 6 (maybe 8?) speakers and pre-amp, so the sound really resonates through all the doors to the outside world.

and, let me tell you, nothing says hip like a dirty subaru legacy outback blasting funk in the parking lot of a general store in a small new england town.


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