Friday, September 24, 2004

resolution update

yes, i'm still cooking, just not as johnny on the spot as i used to be with the updates. and probably more on a new recipe every 10 days kind of schedule now. here are a few more of the things i've made in the last month or so (again, in no particular order):
  • scotch broth (soup made of lamb broth with beans, barley, tomatoes, onions and schtuff in it)
  • irish stew (basically lamb stew with potatoes and carrots-trying to use up the rest of last year's spring lamb)
  • tomato risotto-kind of a bust due to an error in the recipe. now we've got slightly crunchy tomato risotto coming out our ears. i hope to try again soon and be successful in FULLY COOKING the arborio
  • morning glory muffins-really good and really good for you too! low fat with pinapple, applesauce, coconut, etc. totally moist and yummery. didn't even get to throw the leftovers in the freezer because there were none!
  • banana buttermilk muffins-again, moist and yummy. who knew putting applesauce in muffin when you only use 1/4 c oil would make them so soft and good?
  • apple-onion chutney type thing-our neighbor stacey used to make this and put it on top of pork chops. so i got the skinny from her about what to do and how to do it and made this last night. and we've got leftovers to have with some chicken apple sausages tonight.

still haven't done chicken with dumplings soup, but soup weather is fast approaching. i also have not explored other sticky bun recipes. my stand mixer has got half it's foot in the grave, i may have to wait on the yeasty dough things for now. until a guardian angel buys me this. brian's fixing my cuisinart, which is on the fritz, but seems repairable. i'm going to have to keep reminding him there will be no biscuits or apple crisp until it's fixed. because i've become so lazy i can't seem to muster the enthusiasm to make biscuits or crisp topping by hand.


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