Tuesday, May 25, 2004

quick and dirty 2004 resolution update

sorry, haven't really kept track of the weeks that these apply to, and i very well may have skipped a week about a month ago, but you know, that's the breaks.

best ever brownies-easy peasy and sooooooo good. esp with vanilla ice cream. recipe is from julia's baking book and the recipe is specially desgined so that the brownies don't bake all the way. gooey chocolatey goodness.

roasted veggie strata-i've made strata before, but this was a fairly different recipe that required a bit more prep, like roasting all the veggies beforehand. it turned out great. now i'm itching to make a sweet strata with cream cheese (i saw a recipe for it in joy of cooking)

meatballs-yup, never made 'em before. and i have to say, i haven't even eaten them yet. they went directly into the freezer for post partum meal making ease. i'll let you know

italian wedding soup-oh, actually, this had some of the meatball meat in it, so i guess i did try them. but oh so much more stuff in this soup-ham, egg, spinach, broth, a few veggies, and a wee bit of chili powder to give it a slight kick. really good and we have some in the freezer for later...lucky us!

feta-yogurt dip-admitted very very easy to make, but a new recipe none the less. throw whole milk greek yogurt, feta, olive oil, and lemon juice into cuisinart. pulse a few times. the orginal recipe call for chopping up radishes to add after the pulsing, but i'm not too keen on radishes, so i threw in a few kalamata olives instead. eating it for lunch today with toasted pita bread and it's pretty good.

also plan to try my hand at keylime pie this week, if brian lets me. he's been after me to go to bed early and stuff. jeez, i mean just because i'm pregnant and stuff.


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