Thursday, January 22, 2004

a sort of obsession

one of the great things about yesterday afternoon, beside the fact that i got a lot done, was that i got to play music i like on the stereo at extremely loud volumes. yesterday, it was u2.

when we go to the dartmouth hockey games, the music they play on the sound system at the arena before the dartmouth team comes out onto the ice is 'where the streets have no name' by u2. one of my favorite bands. and everytime i hear it, the reaction is the same. there's the building of the background keyboards (at least i think it's keyboards), then i feel a little shiver when the edge's guitar licks start to come in and build in volume and by the time they get to Adam clayton's thumping baseline, i can't really sit still anymore. and it's being played on many good speakers, carefully placed for maximum listening pleasure, and at extremely loud volumes. i'm always a little disappointed when they cut the song off to announce that night's starting lineup.

on monday, kfog's 10 @ 10 was an amazing collection of beautiful music and speech soundbites in honor of martin luther king. of course, somewhere in the middle they played 'pride (in the name of love)'. again, the song sent a shiver up my back-probably because i was thinking about the whole picture of the incredible things that mlk did and the combination of that with a song that i really like will tend to affect me. i don't mind it the shiver, in fact i really like that feeling, as sappy as it may sound. it makes me feel emotional and human.

so yesterday, blasting out u2 on the stereo while i did dishes, laundry and new years cards felt GREAT. and then i proceeded to change 3 of the 6 cds in the car cd player-i'm now listening to the best of u2 1980-1990, the b sides and war. i am rarely in the car by myself these days, and when i am, i usually only get about 2 songs in before i arrive at my destination or someone joins me and i'm obligated to turn the stereo down or off. those 3 cds should last me for about 3 months or more, or until i feel the next musical obsession coming on.


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