Thursday, January 02, 2003

back to life...

it's been a wild couple of days. last night i went to sleep around 9, after 2 days of just getting into bed around 1 AM. after MONTHS of going to sleep no later than 10 pm, that can really slow you down. not to mention drinking more than a few glasses of wine along the way. but hey, i was smart, i had at least one glass of water (sometimes 2) with every glass of wine. i have had my fair share of new-years-day-never-leave-the-couch hangovers and don't care to have any more, thank you very much.

we went out to simon pearce for a wonderful dinner on monday night. i have to say i was looking mighty fetching in my new skirt and retro sweater i got for christmas. plus, at the new year's party, i got to wear my betsey johnson red sweater with ostrich feather neck for the first time since i got it about a year ago. hooray for dressing up and not having to wear a nursing bra with your party clothing!!


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